Ars Antiqua founded in 1965 by Michel Sanvoisin (recorders) et Joseph Sage (countertenor), here with Guy Robert (lute) and Jean and Mireille Reculard (viols)

The ensemble Ars Antiqua de Paris was founded in 1965 by Michel Sanvoisin (recorders) and Joseph Sage (counter tenor). The number of musicians may vary from three to ten.

Previous members of the ensemble Ars Antiqua de Paris were : Marielle Nordmann (harp), Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Pierre Hamon, Roger Bourdin, Philippe Matharel (wind instruments), Guy Robert, Raymond Cousté, Philippe Huelle (lute), Jean-Patrice Brosse, Thierry Pécou (harpsichord), Mireille et Jean Reculard, Elisabeth Matiffa, Lucie Valentin, Marcello Ardizzone, Julien Skowron (viol da gamba), Colette Lequier (fiddle).

The répertoire of ensemble Ars Antiqua de Paris goes from the 12th to the 18th century.

Ars Antiqua de Paris celebrated in 2005 its 40th anniversary and, in 2001, gave its 3000th concert.

They appear regulary in the greatest festivals and tour Europe, the USA, Canada, the Far East as well as South America.

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Dreux, 1965 : first concert of Ars Antiqua de Paris, with Marielle Nordmann (harp), Mireille Reculard and  Julien Skowron (viols).